Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pa:nuu x Wadklub x Feadz

Hey guys, if you're in NY for fashion week, come on down to the Hiro Ballroom Thursday Sept. 11th. I'm dancing and showcasing the clothing line, Pa:nuu.

There's an open bar 10-11, DID YOU HEAR ME? OPEN BAR!

And stay for our dancing, and performance by Roxy Cottontail, and DJ Feadz (of Ed Banger)


UPDATE: pics!


ryder said...

you are a dancer as well?

ISCHIUS said...

nice photos... i love take a pictures!!! sorry but my english is disgusting.. haha

ISCHIUS said...

my new blog is:

Anonymous said...
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cameron said...

quite possibly one of my favorite dancers under 5'0. wait, i think you're the ONLY dancer i know under 5'0. ok you win favorite!

"widdle the middle!" -quote of the year

tineMachine said...

hahah cam!
too bad u couldn't see the show, since your glasses broke!

Anonymous said...

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MR style said...

oh yeah that's cool