Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ice Age Worldwide

When I was on vacation in Europe, Ice Age was released and I was able to see the different ads and products they had to offer in other countries. I wish they had Calippo shots in the US...they were pretty tasty!

Popsicle ad in Sardinia.

Calippo Shots. They are lemon and cola flavored, and were really refreshing on the beach.

But when they start to melt, they look pretty gross.

This white chocolate Kinder Egg is more delicious than the regular eggs. It's like a pudding you scoop out with a spoon, and the balls are some crunchy hazelnut goodness.

This Ice Age cup was some vanilla/chocolate dairy thing which wasn't that tasty. But it came with a rubber medal that was way cooler than the drawing on the cup.

Ice Age in Prague is called "Doba Ledova". The McDonald's toys are pretty cool (pics to come later). There is a popsicle mold so that you can have Sid, Manny, or Scrat shaped popsicles. They also have cups that change color when you add a cold drink.

Found another set of kinder egg toys. It's a 4 piece scene that you have to put stickers on.
Sid in Ice Age:

And Sid in Lost World:

Billboard near the Opera in Paris

FNAC Gallery featuring the drawings of Peter DeSeve

You can even get a L'age de Glace themed postcard with your picture on it

Or just pose in front of one of the big billboards in the Metro

McDonald's Doorbusters

I did the lighting for all the shots with the CG characters, except for the close up of Sid and Manny (which my friend Nancy did).