Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pat McGrath!

I met Pat McGrath! I'm a beauty junkie in training, so I jumped at the opportunity to meet Pat, who does all the best shows, all the Meisel shoots, and basically all the best shit.

She was really nice, and picked out beautiful summer colors for me from the new Dolce and Gabbana makeup line.

Another exciting thing that day was that Rebecca Glasscock from Rupaul's Drag Race was one of the makeup artists. Even though he was all banjee'd out I could tell who he was! I didn't want to talk to her because she was a such a biatch on the show...but the guy working on me told me that he's really nice in person...and was just "misunderstood" on the show.

Homegirl still needs to work on her walk, though!

Update, no Step Up 3D for me

Ok, so my scene was deleted. I don't think the world was ready for it. I was supposed to be Sushi Waitress #1. The kids are at the restaurant, someone tips me, and then like at Coldstone Creamery, the restaurant does a song and dance. I was going to have a little solo, and then do some runway on top of the tables, and then we reveal Jonte', who is the Hostess. Then Javier Ninja, and Isaac, the sushi chefs do some voguing solos as well. Then we do a J-Setting routine, and teach it to the restaurant.

Would have been fierce! So much for my dance dream!

Too bad they cut the scene...didn't even hear the news until I ran into all of the dancers at Pop Burger. No call from Production, till a week later. Fortunately I live in NY, and didn't lose any money. Poor Isaac flew himself from LA and they didn't even tell him that rehearsal was cancelled. What bastards.